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          In many cultures, talismans are believed to contain certain magical properties, which provide good luck for the possessor and offer protection from harm. Choose from the symbolic Rebus Talisman database when selecting your piece to order.

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        What's in an Engraving

        You do not have to have a crest or monogram engraved. Your signet ring or pendant is a blank canvas ready for you to personalise with whatever you wish. Have fun making it your own, why not have a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration.

        We can help drawing up your artwork. The commission begins with a discussion that can be a face to face meeting in the workshop, or a conversation via telephone, email or over skype.

        From this initial meeting we will look at any visual reference points you have collected, cover design ideas, production advice and create a brief to work from to begin the design process. Cost to commission an artwork starts at £100.00, the first consultation is free, after which we can give you an accurate quote to carry out the work.